Stage Left

Your design style in one word: Polyamorous.

Favourite material: Gin & tonic. We also like steel, which is equally noble, but longer lasting.

When your best ideas come to you:  Brainstorming over a good gin & tonic.

Stage Left is about artful, functional accessories that insert little twists and kinks into daily stories. And about the Pearce brothers getting together and having fun along the way.

Brothers Marc and Patrick have been getting into trouble together since they were kids on the West coast - designing, building and breaking go-carts and tree forts. They like to test their physical and mental limits, be it backcountry ski-packing or pole dancing in China. Stage Left is yet another challenge for them, but on a whole other level.

Marc brings to the task hefty industrial design experience in furniture, water parks, toys and lighting. Patrick came into product design through the door of design strategy and communications, bringing along a few extra skills in filmmaking and mixology.

Works by Stage Left