Loic Bard

Your design style in one word:  Natural.

Favourite material: Maple.

When your best ideas come to you: In the morning at sunrise.

Loïc Bard designs and conceives functional, sculptural objects and incorporates artistic woodworking techniques. He opened his studio in August 2012 after graduating from the School of Art Woodworking in Montreal.

His inspiration comes from his travels, architecture, and more recently memories of his childhood and people that surround him.

Bard’s objects are born from emotions that he translates into his own language of geometric and organic shapes. He then experiments with these forms using models made of wood or steel. Usually the final function of an object only appears very late in his creative process.

He is particularly fond of the times of day when he finds himself with his sketchbook – in the morning, the evening, or during random inspiring encounters.

Works by Loïc Bard