Larose Guyon

Your design style in one word: Poetic.

Favourite material: Copper.

When your best ideas come to you: When travelling, when our minds are open to everything that surrounds us.

Larose Guyon is Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon, their studio based in Verchères - a small picturesque village along the St. Lawrence river near Montreal. They seek harmony through their use of luxury materials and formal simplicity, designing high-end items that are original and distinctive, with attention paid to the smallest details.

The two designers’ paths crossed in 2014. After evolving independently on parallel courses of object and interior design, architecture, fashion and furniture design, and upon winning awards from Montreal to London and founding Les Ateliers Guyon in 2013, today Larose and Guyon are partners in life and design.

They combine their complementary visions to create simple objects that are both elegant and functional. Their romantic aesthetic infuses everyday life with poetry and beauty through luxurious items that radiate warmth and humility.

Larose and Guyon approach design with refinement and distinction, and are inspired by art, nature, historical periods and traditions. Stamped with love, they conceive, draw, and create objects that reflect their vision, aided by local artisans and their expertise.

Works by Larose Guyon