Opium & Nougat

Your design style in one word: Intrinsic.

Favourite material: We strive to reduce the amount of material used in the creation of our projects and aim to realise our ideas without using additional materials or resources.

When your best ideas come to you: When we’re experimenting at the studio.

Founded in 2015, Opium & Nougat is Antoine and Jérôme, two long-time friends who share the desire to realise their ideas and facilitate the creation of projects within their community.

Their first project is l-i - a game of creative construction and sabotage for adults and children alike. Carefully handcrafted in Montreal, l-i consists of 64 blocks made of Russian birch plywood.

The natural canvas bag is printed and sewn at Petites Mains, a Montreal organisation that trains and integrates marginalised women into the workforce.