Your design style in one word: Playful.

Favourite material: We like to explore.

When your best ideas come to you: When we need a utilitarian object in the house!

The works of Atelier NON-USELESS, as well as their name, draw inspiration from function and utility. The studio approaches design with the aim of sustainable development, creating locally produced multifunctional or modular items that foster reduced consumption, while at the same time avoiding over-furnished homes.

Atelier NON-USELESS is Jean Ayotte and Renée Gravel, who have backgrounds in photography, interior design, literature, visual arts and graphic design. The Montreal-based studio began as a graphic design agency, where the two toyed with creating design elements and visual art installations. They launched their first furniture collection in Milan in 2006 and since then have been creating objects and furniture. Atelier NON-USELESS is a selected designer of CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL.

Works by Atelier NON-USELESS